Graduate schools in the United States extended a huge number of acceptances to international students. In fact, acceptances for international students grew by 11% from last year and the rate grew the most in five years, all according to “The Chronicle of Higher Education.” And what about China and graduate school admissions? Well, the rate of graduate school acceptances from students applying from China increased even more so by an exponential 23%.

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More Chinese students are being admitted to U.S. graduate schools than in years past. In fact, the increase has been exponential.

According to “The Chronicle of Higher Education” article on international students and graduate school admission, “Admissions offers to students from India also jumped, by 8 percent, the first uptick in prospective students from that country since fall of 2007. India trails only China as the largest source of international students to the United States. Offers of admission to students from South Korea, however, remained flat, compared to 2010, after four years in a row of declines. Together, those three countries account for half of all non-U.S. citizens on student visas at American graduate schools.”

And what areas/schools have experienced the most growth in international applicants? That would be business schools followed closely by physical and earth sciences according to “The Chronicle of Higher Education.” If you’re a student in China thinking about applying for graduate school admission in the United States, contact us today! And if you’re a college student in China looking to apply to American colleges, check out our blog on U.S. college admissions in China.

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