There are some who argue that going to a highly competitive university isn’t necessary to succeed in today’s economy. In fact, in an editorial in “The Huffington Post,” John Hrabe recently posited that the difference between attending Harvard University and a community college isn’t all that great. Mr. Hrabe could not have been more wrong and this blog on getting into top colleges points out many reasons why exactly he is incorrect. But today, we’re going to point out just one more reason why the Ivy League admissions race is as hot as ever and why going to a top college is as important now as it ever was…if not more important than ever before.

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Admission to the Ivy League has its benefits -- including learning from world leaders like the former president of Bolivia.

When students receive Ivy League admissions decisions, that click of a button can well determine whether or not they can one day tell their grandchildren that they studied under a world leader. Can a community college student say that they learned about the global health crisis from C. Everett Koop, the famed Dartmouth professor and former U.S. Surgeon General? Can a community college student say they learned about forecasting methods from Scott Armstrong? Or about the Civil Rights Movement from noted historian Henry Louis Gates (yes, that Henry Louis Gates from the Beer Summit with President Obama and Vice President Biden).

Can a community college student say they learned from the former president of Bolivia? Dartmouth College just announced that former Bolivian President Eduardo Rodriguez Veltze will be joining their community for the summer term and teaching a seminar in the department of government. The fact is, world leaders aren’t going to come to the United States to teach at Bumbletown Community College. They are going to come to the United States to teach at our finest institutions — especially our Ivy League universities.

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