Brown Students, Brown University Alumni, Brown President, Brown President Resigns

How do you think Ruth Simmons' planned resignation will impact Brown University students?

Brown University’s president, Ruth Simmons, today announced that this year would be her final one as president of Brown University. Ruth Simmons’ leadership at Brown University has been historic in many ways. She was the first black president of an Ivy League university and she has been Brown’s first female president. Prior to her tenure at the helm of Brown, Simmons was the president of Smith College. She was the first female black president of a prominent college or university. A 2009 Brown University poll also suggested she had an unprecedented 80% approval rating. According to the “Brown Daily Herald,” “Simmons wrote that she ‘recently’ decided to step down, adding that this is ‘the ideal time’ for the University and for herself to move to new leadership.”

Check out the Brown University news release in the “Brown Daily Herald” on Ruth Simmons’ announcement and have a look at our blog on Brown University Students¬†or this one on Brown University Recruits. Brown University students and alumni, what do you think about this announcement? How will it impact Brown?

Let us know your thoughts by posting below!

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