It’s reunion season! Each May and June, colleges host alumni functions where alums across the country return to their alma maters. This is particularly true at the vast majority of the most highly competitive colleges in the country — particularly Ivy League colleges. Why are these reunions important? Well, for many reasons! For universities, it’s a way of giving alumni access to the university. It allows them to reconnect with old friends who they haven’t seen in years, catch up with classmates, make new memories, and form even deeper connections with their alma mater. While those alumni who are naturally inclined to attend reunion events at their alma mater often happen to already be the alums who donate money each year, colleges see these reunions as a way to motivate alums to donate even more money!

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Reunion events at the nation's most competitive colleges inspire donations from alumni. Donating money - even small amounts - only helps a legacy applicant's case for admission.

Donating money to your alma mater is important for a number of reasons. Alumni donations likely helped finance your education. Donating is a way to pay it forward by helping future students. It’s a way of staying connected with your alma mater. It’s a way of getting a tax write-off. And it’s also a way to improve your child’s chance of admission to your alma mater down the road. Legacy and college admissions are, in a way, tied together by donations. Colleges love students whose legacy parents dug into their pockets to express their love of their alma mater. Even if it’s only a little bit, try to donate as often as possible.

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