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We offer our college admissions expertise to students around the world via phone, Skype, and email.

Parents often call us and ask how we can offer our college admissions expertise to their child in Iowa. After all, we don’t have offices in Iowa and we’re not going to travel to Iowa to work individually with your child. But the fact is, we work with students in Iowa and North Carolina and Texas and Alabama and India and Argentina and Korea all of the time. And we do this via Skype. Skype is an incredible tool. Years ago, this wouldn’t be possible. Back when “The Jetsons” was on the air, speaking to someone in a remote place and being able to see them at the same time seemed highly futuristic. But now, it’s a reality and it enables us to work with students all across the globe.

Do you need to sit in front of us on a couch to take advantage of our college admissions expertise? No. You don’t need to come to our offices. It’s always nice to meet parents and students in person but, the fact is, it’s not always efficient to do so. When we work with students on their college essays, it’s nice to be able to hop on the phone or on Skype to speak with them about ways to improve their essays. Arranging a time to come in to meet wouldn’t allow us to accomplish what we set out to accomplish as quickly as we endeavor to accomplish it!

So do not fret or fear — if you live in South Africa, we can still help you and guide you through the college admissions process. We can advise you on what to do and what not to do as though we’re sitting right next to you. We literally work with students from around the world. We don’t just work with students in New York. Or Los Angeles. Or China. We have offices in these place, yes. But we help college applicants in Switzerland, too! And we don’t have an office in Switzerland!

Contact us for our college admissions expertise today!

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