If you’re unsure if you should hire a private college counselor, you should read up on how qualified and experienced college admissions experts can help increase a student’s chances for admission to the college(s) of his/her choice: Why Hire a Private College Counselor. But in an article in the “Chronicle of Higher Education,” Eric Hoover points out another great reason to hire a private college counselor: the adolescent brain.

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Private college counselors can actually improve brain functions. Stress kills neurons. The college application process is full of stress. Private college counselors decrease the stress for students as well as parents.

According to the article on teenagers and college admissions, “Among teenagers…the prefrontal cortex still has much growing up to do. This is the region of the brain that governs ‘executive function,’ enabling us to exercise judgment, meet goals, and suppress socially unacceptable behavior. What teenagers do possess is a raging amygdala. That’s right, the amygdala is that almond-shaped bundle of nuclei that sits deep within the temporal lobe. It processess emotional reactions, like pleasure, anger, and fear.”

Pleasure, anger, and fear are all part of the college admissions process! Stress damages neurons and the college admissions process is full of stress. A private college counselor decreases anxiety in teenagers. They assuage fears, correct mistakes, and increase family harmony. So, in many ways, private college counselors are extremely important for the mental and physical health of teenagers applying to college. And let’s not forget about the health of their parents!

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